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ting roast duck锛宐eing eit▓her spring, autumn or winter. The duck m▓eat is more succulent in spring and winter;▓ while the mild autumnal weather suits t▓he cooking of roast duck in temperature and humidity. Quanjude selects ducks less than 90 days old, weighing between 2.5锝? kilograms, but after roasting the ducks weigh around 1.5 kilograms. Once out of the oven, the duck is immediately sliced and eaten, while the

 skin is crisp and the meat tender, creating an incomparably delicious taste sensation.In addition, roast duck can be eaten in three ways锛歸ith sliced▓ leeks and plum sauce, and cucumber and radish▓ cut into matchsticks; or with crushed garlic and soy ▓sauce, sometimes also with radish. As crushed garlic ta▓kes away some of the greasiness, sliced roa▓st duck with garlic and soy sauce adds a little zing to the mouthw

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